Particular place on the floor of an exchange where transactions in stocks listed on the exchange occur. The New York Times Financial Glossary

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I. post post 1 [pəʊst ǁ poʊst] noun
1. the post especially BrE the official system for sending and receiving letters, parcels etc; = MAIL:

• items that are lost or damaged in the post

• We've cut our costs by using first class post only for urgent items.

• Winners will be notified by post.

• A copy of the document should be sent in the post.

• Only 2% of those questioned would choose to buy a policy through the post.

— see also Freepost
ˌregistered ˈpost also ˌspecial deˈlivery [uncountable]
a service to insure items sent through the post in case they are lost or damaged ; = CERTIFIED MAIL AmE; REGISTERED MAIL:

• Bank notes should not be sent unless by registered post.

2. [singular, uncountable] especially BrE a time when letters are collected or delivered:

• Place items in the out-tray by 4.45 to meet the last post.

3. by return (of) post if you reply to a letter by return of post, you reply almost immediately:

• Send payment by return of post.

4. [uncountable] letters, parcels etc; = MAIL:

• Was there any post for me today?

• She always opens her post when she arrives.

5. [countable, uncountable] JOBS a job, especially an important or well paid one; = POSITION:

• How long did you hold your previous post?

• The bank chief plans to resign his post (= leave it ) later this year.

• Most of the executives interviewed had already been in post for 12 months.

6. [countable] COMPUTING a message sent to an Internet discussion group so that all members of the group can read it; = posting — see also trading post
  [m0] II. post post 2 verb [transitive]
1. especially BrE to send a letter, parcel etc using the official service; = mail AmE:

• the correct way to pack and protect the items you post

• Shareholders will be sent details in a newsletter due to be posted today.

2. FINANCE to offically record and announce results for a company or information about the economy:

• The group posted a 25% gain in second-quarter net income.

• The company shed a point after posting a second-quarter loss of 35 cents a share.

• Shares closed lower as the government posted worse inflation figures than the City expected.

3. ACCOUNTING to enter a figure in a ledger (= a book used by a company to record money received or spent):
post something to something

• The billing office will check that all charges have been posted to the guest's account.

4. COMPUTING to put a message or computer document on the Internet so that other people can see it:

• If companies post information on a web page, everyone has access to it.

5. post bail bail1

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post UK US /pəʊst/ noun
[U] ( also mail) mainly UK COMMUNICATIONS letters and packages that are sent to homes or places of work: »

to check/collect the post


to get/receive post

deliver post »

Did the postman deliver any post for me?

the post arrives/comes »

Has the post come yet?

answer/open/read post »

I've got a lot of post to open.

COMMUNICATIONS the public system for sending letters and packages from place to place: »

first-/second-class post

be/put sth in the post »

The cheque is in the post, and you should receive it tomorrow.

through the post »

Given that most people would not wish to send their original passport through the post, they will have to get a certified copy.


The letter got lost in the post.


Dividends may be sent by post, held for collection, or paid in some other way.

arrive/come/be delivered by post »

Hard copy products, such as a CD or newsletter, should arrive by post within days.

See also REGISTERED POST(Cf. ↑registered post)
[S or U] UK COMMUNICATIONS the time during the day when letters and packages are collected, or arrive at homes and places of work: »

the first/last post

catch/meet/miss the post »

The letter needed to be sent today, but I missed the last post.

by return (of) post — Cf. by return of post
[C] a job in a company or organization, especially an important one that pays well: accept/hold/remain in a post »

He has held the post of commercial director since 2002.

apply for/be appointed to/take up a post »

She has applied for the vacant manager's post.

advertise/fill a post »

Almost a third of employers said they had not received one application for a post they had advertised.


a high-level/key/senior post


a full-time/part-time post


a permanent/temporary post


a government/teaching post

resign (from)/leave a post »

She was forced to resign from her £300,000-a-year post after the scandal.


be removed/step down from a post

See Note JOB(Cf. ↑job)
[C] (also posting) IT a message or information that is put on a website, or sent to an internet discussion group for all the members to read: »

The site is seeing 10,000 posts per hour from its 50,000 members all over the world.


a blog post

post UK US /pəʊst/ verb [T]
UK (US mail) COMMUNICATIONS to send a letter or package to someone by mail: post sth to sb/post sb sth »

I'll post the details to you.

post (off) sth »

Have you posted off your application form?

UK (US mail) COMMUNICATIONS to put a letter or package into a postbox (= official public box for mail) so that it can be sent: »

Could you post this letter for me please?

to announce a company’s sales, financial results, etc.: post gains/losses/profits »

The oil company posted profits of $25.1 billion.

post an improvement/a rise/a decline »

They posted a 16% rise in sales.

to send someone to a particular place to work for a period of time: be posted to sth »

He has been posted to Pakistan for six months.

to put a notice in a public place in order to make something known to other people: be posted (up) on sth »

Company announcements are usually posted on the bulletin board.


The rules include requiring businesses to post signs stating that smoking is not allowed.

IT to put a message or information on a website for other people to read: »

The State Department posted a notice on its website saying that applicants may wait 10 weeks for passports.

post sth on a website/online/on the internet »

The reports were written up and posted on the internet.

post bail — Cf. post bail
keep sb posted — Cf. keep sb posted
See Note MAIL(Cf. ↑mail)

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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